Do You have a “Widow Maker” Outside?

We are lucky in Atlanta to be so far inland. But when storms hit here, we do have clean ups necessary, especially trees branches. A yearly inspection of your tree branches can catch “widow makers” before they fall. These are the tree branches that are essentially dead, and will possibly break off in the next storm. They are dangerous at any height on the tree and can damage roofs, vehicles and can injure people.  Call Home Dumpsters when you need a roll off dumpster for branches and other landscaping waste.

If you have a  situation where a tree is down, be careful first of electric wires. Many times our trees have been planted to outline the borders of the property, on the road, close to the power lines.

Call the electric company if you see downed lines, never approach the tree. After the environment is safe, if it is a small tree, and you have the tools needed, you may be able to cut it up yourself otherwise, call the professionals.