Transplanting Trees

If you are transplanting trees:

The best time to plant is now – in March or April, because most deciduous trees are dormant in Georgia until it starts to really warm up. Transplanting trees is best when they are “sleeping” (consider trees “awake” when they are flowering or producing fruit).

A tree can go into shock when it is first transplanted. Besides the fact that the root ball has been dug up, exposed to air, with small roots cut or damaged, the new surroundings are unfamiliar and all water and nutrients are in different places. The tree essentially has to start over. To give the tree the best chance of survival, try the following:

  1. Dig a hole for your tree at least twice as wide as the container that the tree came in.  3 or 4 times the size is even better.  It loosens up soil, provides more oxygen, and allows water to penetrate.
  2. The depth of the hole should be the same as the depth of the container. Making it a bit shallower is better than too deep because you should never bury your root collar under soil.
  3. The sides of your hole should slope down to encourage the roots to grow up to the surface. Rough up the sides of the hole with your shovel so that root tips can penetrate the new soil.
  4. Dump the tree out of the container and loosen the soil around the roots checking for root balls.
  5. Never put sod on top of the hole. Grass competes with the tree for water and grass around the base means lawnmowers can get too close to the tree trunk. Don’t crowd the tree trunk with rocks or bricks.
  6. Use the soil that came out to refill the planting hole. This will save your top soil and there will be less shock to the tree.
  7. Water the tree with the amount of the size of the container it came in. Fill up the bucket you took the tree out of and use this to water the tree. This is the perfect amount to use once a week during the growing season.

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