Neighborhood Clean ups

One positive aspect of the recent hurricanes, fires, floods and other natural disasters is bringing people together. A new trend in these neighborhoods is a community weekend clean up planned for the whole cul de sac or street.  Ten families chip in on a home dumpster for $25 to $50 each and have it placed on a centrally located property.  The family that houses the dumpster has the inconvenience of the space it takes up, but also the closest trip to the dumpster. The clean up can involve everything from storm-downed branches and other landscaping to parts of sheds and roofs.

Even with no natural disaster, people are coordinating cleanups with the weekend neighborhood garage sales and other community events. All the houses on the street than participate look great and the garbage is hauled away the next weekend. Convenient, easy, inexpensive and it brings neighbors together in a sense of community.