Can’t I Save Money with a Dumpster Bag?

Today’s Question and Answer:

Q: I’ve seen the DumpsterBags for sale around town. They only cost $30-$40. Why should I rent a home dumpster?

A: How big is your project? The DumpsterBags can only hold 3 cubic yards of material! That is one average pick-up truck load. How many “trips” do you have to make?

Also you must consider:

  1. You have to make sure the bag is close to the road, or else they cannot pick it up. This means you will have to move everything out close to the road because it will get too heavy to move very quickly. This could double or triple your work.
  2. The DumpsterBags are just plastic and could possibly rip, which will set you back another $40!
  3. The plastic material may be hard to handle for the first several loads because the light material will shift and flail as you try to load you waste material into it.
  4. You may wait up to a week to get it picked up, blocking your driveway and access to your house.