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Happy 4th of July! Things to do in Atlanta Area:

Fourth of July – Centennial Park

July 4, 2016

0.3 miles west

The gates of Centennial Olympic Park open at 6 p.m., and the fireworks synchronized to music begin at 9:45 p.m. for the 4th of July Celebration. Arrive early because gates close when the park is full. Free.

Fireworks viewing – aquarium

July 4, 2016

0.5 miles NW

Two versions: Red White & Brew includes beer, a BBQ buffet, and live music in the ballroom, plus fireworks viewing atop the Georgia Aquarium parking deck. Funbelievable Fourth is a family version.

Fireworks viewing – Ventanas

July 4, 2016 (7 to 11 p.m.)

0.6 miles NW

Watch fireworks in Olympic Park from the rooftop of Ventanas with a buffet, drinks, and DJ at Red White & Booze.

Fourth of July – at the malls

July 4, 2016

8 miles NE

4th of July at Lenox Square Mall begins at 6 p.m. with family-friendly live music, food vendors, and a kids’ zone, followed by fireworks at 9:40 p.m. Free.

34 miles NE

Fabulous Fourth at Mall of Georgia features family-friendly activities and live music at 5 p.m., fireworks at dusk, and then a movie in Buford. Free.

Fourth of July – East Point

July 4, 2016

8 miles SE

Salute to the Red, White and Blue includes a carnival, food court, live music, and fireworks at 9:30 p.m. near City Hall in East Point. Bring blankets and chairs but no food or pets. Free.

Peachtree Road Race

July 4, 2016

8 miles NE

AJC Peachtree Road Race follows a scenic 10K course from Buckhead to Piedmont Park.

Fourth of July – Marietta

July 4, 2016

19 miles NW

Fourth of July Celebration features a 10 a.m. parade, live music, arts and crafts, food, carnival games, and 9:30 p.m. fireworks at Marietta Square. Free.

Fourth of July – Lilburn

July 4, 2016

23 miles NE

Bring lawn chairs or blankets to Sparkle in the Park for music, food vendors, and fireworks at 9:30 p.m.

Cleaning up the Landscaping Crucial to Sell Home

According to the Realtors Association in Atlanta, your landscaping makes a big difference in selling your home. First impressions are important, and that is the front of your house – including the landscaping! Some people will not even come inside if your lawn, trees and flowerbeds are overgrown, or worse yet – dead.

“All beds should have fresh mulch, which is one of the best ways to get bang for your buck in terms of sprucing up your yard,” says Bill Golden, an Atlanta-based Realtor who works for Re/Max. “Overgrown shrubs should be trimmed, especially if they block the windows. This will not only help curb appeal but increase light in the home.”

Curb appeal is important to 71% of homebuyers when choosing their abode, according to a 2013 National Association of Realtors survey. Landscaping is a large part of that curb appeal, says Frank J. Lucco, managing director of IRR-Residential Appraisers & Consultants in Houston.

“That first impression is important,” says Lucco. “If they don’t like the looks of the front of the house, which is mostly landscaping,” often they won’t even go inside.

A landscaping investment could potentially pay a 215% return in home value, says Margaret Woda, a Realtor with Long & Foster Real Estate in Crofton, Md. While you may only recoup 68% of kitchen renovation fees, Woda says landscaping is money well- spent.

Call us for quotes on a roll off dumpster to make your cleaning project a lot easier – for landscaping as well as interior clean ups. Get you your house ready for the market with a HomeDumpster!

Call Us Before You Start

callbeforeWith any bigger home or landscaping project, we have to plan ahead. Most big projects take the weekend or more – but if you can get rid of the trash as you go, it will be simpler and faster.

Give us a call first to order a roll-off dumpster before you tear down the fence or make the pile. Why move trash twice? If you have a contractor working for you, it may be simpler to order the dumpster for them, and tell us exactly where you want it, rather than have them guess and block your access or kill your grass.  Avoid surprises and make your project as smooth as possible with a roll-off dumpster from Home Dumpsters.


Spring is Here

forsythiaThe first signs of spring are appearing. Usually, spring is here when the forsythias begin to bud.

The jonquils are in full bloom, bradford pear trees–white flowers, trees with pink flowers, camellias and more–the grass gets greener closer to April–depending on the type of grass.

Spring Festivals in Atlanta means there is something for everyone. Check out the Atlanta Film Festival or the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in March.
Then Atlanta Dogwood Festival is coming in April – a sure sign that warm weather is here to stay.
Call us for all your spring cleaning needs – inside or out – and we will deliver a home dumpster when and where you need it.

Atlanta Build and Remodel Show Jan 29-31, 2016

Atlanta Build Remodel & Landscape Expo is a 3 day event being held from 29th January to the 31st January 2016 at the Atlanta Exposition Center.

This event showcases premier home remodeling and renovation sector experts. The latest innovations and updates are featured with a wide array of kitchen and bath fixtures, sunrooms, doors and windows, roofing solutions and siding on exhibit.

You can attend topical seminar sessions during the show or network with remodeling professionals. Try “the Design Matchmaker” to get a recommendation for a design consultant based on your needs.

Air conditioning systems, water treatment tools and reliable home security appliances are also showcased here.

Where:  Atlanta Exposition Center

When: January 29-31, 2016

ReStore will Pick Up Items

If you are planning a big remodeling project and are ordering a home dumpster in the Atlanta Area, please consider donating cabinets, sinks and other used but undamaged building supplies. This helps Habitat for Humanity in Georgia, protects our landfills and you can get a tax write-off! It’s a win-win-win.

ReStore offers a free pick-up service for large items that you cannot easily transport to us. The ReStore partners with businesses and individuals to get the highest quality merchandise possible. They provide donors the opportunity to repurpose items they no longer need, while also offering the tax benefit for contributing to a qualified 501(c)(3) organization. Corporate donors can save time and money by offering items for donation and eliminating surplus sale costs, as well as storage, re-stocking, and disposal fees.

271 Chester Ave. SE
Atlanta, GA 30316

ReStore Main Phone:  404-525-2114
ReStore Donation Hotline:  404-525-2114 ext. 155


ReStore Shopping Hours:
Monday – Saturday

10:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
ReStore Donation Drop-Off & Merchandise Pick-Up Hours:
Monday – Saturday
11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
The Atlanta Habitat for Humanity office, warehouse and ReStore are located in Renoyldstown off I-20, near the corner of Memorial Drive and Chester Ave.

Easy Ways to Clean up Your Yard Faster

As you are taking your home improvement efforts outdoors, consider some efficient ways to clean up the yard. Scraggly bushes, and hazardous trees on your property make it look messy and can be dangerous in the next storm.

shrubs pulled up by the rootsConsider, instead of hacking off branches and hauling them away piece by piece, you can save time and effort by pulling up the plants straight from the root. When you order a home dumpster for large jobs, these bushes fit right in and the job is done faster.

A “hazard tree” is a tree with structural
defects likely to cause failure of all or part of
the tree, which could strike a “target.” A
target can be a vehicle, building, or a place

where people gather such as a park bench, picnic table, street, or backyard.


Trees in poor condition may have many dead twigs, dead branches, or small, off-color leaves. Trees in goodtree down condition will have full crowns, vigorous branches, and healthy, full-sized leaves; however, green foliage in the crown does not ensure that a tree is safe. Tree trunks and branches can be quite defective and still support a lush green crown.
Inspect trees your trees at least every year. Tree inspections can be done at any time of year, leaf-on or leaf-off. To be thorough, inspect trees after leaf drop in fall, after leaf-out in spring, and routinely after severe storms.
Call Home Dumpsters to order a dumpster to handle landscape and tree “clean up.”  We can handle larger bushes and branches which will mean less work for you in the long run.




More Questions on Dumpster Bags

We are seeing the “bagster” and its brother dumpster-bag brands all over Lowes and Home Depot for $29 to $39 initial price. Before you jump on this “great deal,” be sure and check  for three things:

  1. How big is your job?
  2. How big is your driveway where they will need to pick up the bag?
  3. Does your area have pickup at all?

How big is your job?

If you have under 3 cubic yards worth of construction debris, the average costs for collection is around $125. Plus the $30 charged by the retailer for the bag itself, bringing the total to about $155 per bag. This seems like a great deal, but the quoted collection fee assumes thatyou stay within the 3,300 lbs. (1.65 tons) weight limit of the bag; anything more means additional charges and may even pose the risk of the dumpster bag tearing during pickup.

In contrast, our dumpsters are $225 a week for 4 tons, and never break or tear open.

How big is your driveway?

Another problem with the “bagster” is its size.  It is smaller and should be easier to place than a dumpster, but you will be limited in placement choices because the trucks used to pick up the bags are equipped with a hydraulic arm that requires at least 18 feet of vertical clearance. If you hope to place the bag behind your home our of sight from your HOA, or near the project, you still must be sure the bag is within 18 feet or so of the street.

We need clearance to place a metal dumpster, but be sure that anywhere we drop it off, we also make sure that we can pick it up.

Does your area even have pickup services?

Before you commit to a dumpster bag, be sure and call to confirm their pickup region.  Some unhappy customers have bought a dumpster bag without realizing that the company doesn’t service their area, leaving them with a full bag and no way to haul it away.  Read reviews of the customer service and make sure you aren’t waiting for weeks for the company to come pick up the bag!

We are here to answer your questions, and have actually brought a dumpster over for our customers to throw a bagster into.  we are here when and where you need us so call HomeDumpsters anytime.

Time to get rid of some junk? Call 678-907-4397!


6th Annual Tour of Remodeled Homes – Update

The NARI Atlanta Tour of Remodeled Homes will be held on Saturday October 24th, 2015!

The NARI Atlanta Tour of Remodeled Homes is a unique way visit a variety of renovation projects completed by some of Atlanta’s top remodeling companies.
This map has all eight locations in the shortest distance from each other. The Tour is self guided, and you are not required to visit in this order, or any order.
Attendees will have a chance to tour the homes at their leisure and ask the contractors specific project details and learn about the products integrated in each remodeling project.
If you are remodeling and require a roll-off dumpster, we deliver anywhere in the Atlanta Metro area. We are fast, efficient and low-priced. Call with any questions.


The Projects and the Companies:

20 Putnam Cir NE

8725 Torrington Dr

5335 Harrowood Ln NW

115 Emerald Ln

515 Boulder Way

555 Owens Farm Rd

12220 Boxwood Cir

4700 Cherrywood Ln NE

Helping a Hoarder

Compulsive hoarding is thankfully not very common, but it is becoming more recognized because of the reality TV show on TLC “Hoarding: Buried Alive.”  It is a psychological issue of varying degrees and it can be very difficult to decide where cleanup should start. If you know someone or have a loved one who suffers from hoarding, here are a couple tips to help you.

Hire a professional

If you have ever tried to help your friends or loved ones clean up, you know how difficult it is to understand why they keep certain objects.  Hoarders attach sentimental value to objects, and have trouble getting rid of anything: some valuable, some only with perceived value. This is an illness and it has no cure.  There are therapists who understand, and can help a hoarder overcome these types of feelings and help them to see what is trash and what is not. Having someone like this at the time of the cleanup can be necessary to get the job done.

Rent a Dumpster

If you have permission, or you have inherited a hoard, then our advice is to rent a roll-off dumpster. This is the most efficient and cost effective method of waste removal. Home Dumpsters has years of experience working with families in the Atlanta Metro Area. Whether you need a one dumpster or a series of them, give us a call.

Can’t I Save Money with a Dumpster Bag?

Today’s Question and Answer:

Q: I’ve seen the DumpsterBags for sale around town. They only cost $30-$40. Why should I rent a home dumpster?

A: How big is your project? The DumpsterBags can only hold 3 cubic yards of material! That is one average pick-up truck load. How many “trips” do you have to make?

Also you must consider:

  1. You have to make sure the bag is close to the road, or else they cannot pick it up. This means you will have to move everything out close to the road because it will get too heavy to move very quickly. This could double or triple your work.
  2. The DumpsterBags are just plastic and could possibly rip, which will set you back another $40!
  3. The plastic material may be hard to handle for the first several loads because the light material will shift and flail as you try to load you waste material into it.
  4. You may wait up to a week to get it picked up, blocking your driveway and access to your house.

Atlanta Area Remodeled Homes Tour Date Announced

6th Annual NARI Atlanta 2015 Tour of Remodeled Homes

If you are interested in remodeling, we have been keeping an eye out for the National Association of the Remodeling Industry’s Tour listing. It will be in October this year:

We are thrilled to announce the date for the 2015 NARI Atlanta Tour of Remodeled Homes – October 24th, 2015!

Cure Childhood Cancer will be our benefiting charity this year.

See Atlanta & Co. segment preview on the 2014 Tour by clicking here.

Who: NARI Atlanta’s remodeling contractor members are selected to showcase their outstanding Atlanta renovation projects. All NARI members are carefully screened for qualifications and business integrity. To learn more about NARI Atlanta, click on “About NARI” on the home page.

What: A fun, fabulous tour for anyone interested remodeling trends, design, and home renovations.

When: Saturday, October 24th, 2015 10 a.m.- 4 p.m.

Where: Homes are located in Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Roswell, Alpharetta, Milton, and Atlanta area. A map of each homes location will be available soon for download closer to the date.

We Offer Flat Rates

Flat Rate vs. Variable Rate Dumpster Pricing

We offer flat rate pricing for your convenience, so you’ll know how much a job costs up-front. Some of our competitors offer variable rates, and will advertise a teaser or base rate, but often add a weight charge, fuel surcharges, environmental fees, and more. We never want you to guess what you will be charged in the end.

If you need to keep your dumpster longer, just give us a call – we can work out a price for additional time. We know how remodels or reconstruction jobs can get behind and run into delays. For example bathroom and kitchen remodels are the most popular and give you the most return on investment (in terms of resale, or just enjoying your home more), but can take between two weeks and 2 months – or longer for a large kitchen remodel. At least with Home Dumpsters, you know you have the most affordable and most convenient roll-off dumpsters you can order.

Which Dumpster Do You Need?

So, you are thinking of renting a roll-off dumpster for a large overhaul, major cleanup or remodel? Obviously, the usual 96 gallon container isn’t large enough – but what size do you need?

  • The 10 cubic yard dumpster is 3 ft high X 12 ft long X 8 ft wide
  • The 15 cubic yard dumpster is 4 ft high X 14 ft long X 8 ft wide
  • The 20 cubic yard container 4.5 ft high X 16 ft long X 8 ft wide

lr 037Whether you’re cleaning out grandma’s house or taking out the wall between your living room and kitchen, we offer the dumpster size you need at a competitive price. We rent by the week to give you plenty of time to work, but let us know if you need more time, we are very affordable with extending your contract.

We do need room to maneuver, so think about where you would like the dumpster dropped off, leaving clearance for the truck. Some neighborhoods require a permit, so be sure and check your HOA first if appropriate.

Remember, we cannot take asphalt, brick, concrete, or dirt in our containers because these materials require a dump truck for transport. Household kitchen garbage is also prohibited. Please call us with any questions (678-907-4397), we’ve been in this business quite a while and have answers for you.